Gives Works in Music therapy
GIVES work in music therapy
Our philosophy
GIVES believes in thetherapeutic impact of music and its appreciation.GIVES is committed to joining musical talents and resources to reach out to many people in need who can benefit from this therapy.
How we utilize music therapy
GIVES has helped to build the capacity for music therapy in centers for autism by arranging:
·         music projects
·         facilities acquisition
·         further education
Chen’s case
Chen was diagnosed with severe autism at a young age. Chen exhibited communication disorders, and hyperactivity. He would not sit quietly and was running all the time. He exhibited stereotypical behaviors, repeating actions such a playing with his hands, and often shouted and cried out with offensive and self-abusive behaviors.
Music therapy intervention
Chen began receiving music therapy at the age of seven. Chen was first given music therapy with a visual music intervention instrument. This helped attract his attention with wonderful music and vivid cartoon animation that children like. Since he remained excited and restless, positive, cheerful, and dynamic music was chosen for him at first, and then slowly the music was changed to neutral, and finally to a type that was soothing.
After music therapy
After one year of music therapy, Chen had improved a lot. He was not shouting or crying loudly anymore, and he was able to sit down quietly and study. Music therapy was one important part of his overall treatment that helped contribute to his success.

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