Letter to Harvard Conference speakers and volunteering opportunities

May 2014



Dear Specialists and Friends in Autism:



Greetings from China: the lovely country with the greatest population of individuals in Autism, and with the greatest need for specialists, sponsors and volunteers in Autism.



We are writing on behalf of GIVES, the Guangdong International Volunteer Expatriate Service, whose mission is the support and relief of Autism in Guangdong, the Peoples Republic of China. GIVES is an expatriate voluntary community service platform representing the friendship and support of many foreigners living and working in Guangdong Province.



We congratulate and thank you for your professional presence at this Conference; thereby joining hands in the mission of relief and support of Autism worldwide.



GIVES work in Autism commenced in 2008, and since then we have prioritized our support in the areas that follow. At the same time, we list out the related specific areas where volunteerism is required.






·    Coordinate a regional platform in Autism to enhance awareness and knowledge in identification and intervention.



·    Provide funding for the publication of selected research and articles for such purpose.



GIVES is calling for volunteers and support in:

[a]    Identifying updated resources and research results for distribution

[b]    Inviting specialists who can come as speakers to share their research results

[c]    Inviting  sponsors  to  fund  the  printing  of  necessary  materials  to  raise  awareness  in  the general community






·    Coordinate and organize regular seminars for trainers, parents, social workers and others to increase effective service.

·    Provide educational opportunity to on-the-job specialists and workers in internship, academic qualification and workshop training.




GIVES is calling for volunteers and support:

[a]    To provide training in specialized areas to trainers, parents and workers in centers for autism

[b]    To volunteer as a consultant, counsellor, medical practitioner, physical therapist in such areas

[c]    To provide sponsorship and funding for further education opportunities







·    Provide funding and sponsorship to existing and new centers for autism to upgrade facilities and to introduce new materials.



·    Provide direct international professional support including topical sessions, consultation and meetings with parents and trainers.



·   Provide references and valuable reading materials for families and workers.



GIVES is calling for funding and sponsorship support in services and products for centers of autism, including facilities, textbooks, etc.

GIVES is calling for general volunteers to serve for a minimum of three months with the following criteria:

[a] Specialists, professionals, or trained interpreters who possess knowledge in the areas of counselling, autism, special education

[b] Basic Chinese sills with at least three months language training

[c] Financial independence including airfares to China, accommodations, and after-hour meals



We appreciate your attention and feedback towards our continuing effort in our work in China. With best wishes for a very pleasant stay and Conference.



Yours sincerely, Rosaline Yam


Website: www.gives.cn Email contact:  gives@sungrace.cn 


© 2014, GIVES Guangdong International Volunteer Expatriate Service