International Representatives

United Kingdom:  Andrew Kelly

 Andrew Kelly and his wife Lynn had lived in Guangzhou since 1996.

They have two grown-up children now living back in Britain.

Andrew is the Managing Director of Yule Catto Asia Ltd, which is the Asian subsidiary of Yule Catto & Co plc, a UK-based speciality chemicals group which was founded in 1908.

Andrew had been on the Leadership Team of GICF, the Guangzhou International Christian Fellowship before he gone back to the Britain in 2011



India:  Neelam Gupta

Neelam Gupta joined GIVES as a volunteer in Dec 2004. She soon got very involved and decided to become GIVES member in Feb 2005 in charge of Rehabilitation & Prosthetics.

She is married. Her husband works for P&G. Their eldest son has returned to Guangzhou after graduating from Computer Networking and Telecommunications in the US, and has started his own company. Their younger son is studying Business Administration and Finance in the US. The family is originally from India and moved to Guangzhou from Kobe, Japan in Aug 2003. She has Masters degree in Biochemistry and worked for P&G and J&J before deciding to be a home maker and social worker.



Netherlands:  Saskia Roos 

Saskia lives in the Netherlands, but was living in Guangzhou from 1997 till 2001. In that time she was active in GIVES as an initiator and coordinator of different programmes. GIVES’ involvement in the orphanage, the Huiling Homes for the Handicapped, the Rehabilitation Centre and the contacts with the Disabled Federation and the Childrens Hospital where children could undergo surgery, started in those years.

The first food fair was organised to raise money for the various projects and expats were inspired to contribute and support

The years after, Saskia stayed involved in GIVES’ projects and gave a lecture on elderly care for the staff of Care Homes in Guangzhou. She adviced on new projects, such as the set up of the orthopaedic shoe centre.

Back in the Netherlands she is active with elderly people and in teaching students and children all over the world about hiv/aids, the facts and the risks, using tools developed in The Netherlands. China is one of the countries where she comes regularly to give workshops and she never forgets to come to Guangzhou

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