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The International  Schools Music Association of Guangzhou (ISMAG) was officially named  in November, 2012, at a meeting of music teach- ers from across the city. Originally grown out of the ties between the primary music departments of both  the British and American schools in Guangzhou, the organization  has now expanded to four member schools,  adding  Utahloy and  Clifford international schools.  Annual events  now  include the  SingUp! (primary and  secondary),  Battle of the Bands (secondary) and   holiday music concerts  (primary and sec- ondary).


The aim is simple: to bring together pupils to share  and  experience the  opportunity to  make  and  perform  music through a community singing project.


The first half of tonights program  will showcase  individual participat- ing choirs and, for the second half, we will join forces and feature  the “SingUp!”  combined  schools choir.


Thank you for your support  and we hope you enjoy this evenings performances,


Shirley Dever



British School of Guanzhou

Clouds    Words and Music by Andy Beck

Child Of Song     Words and Music by Derryl Herring and Andy Beck

Director, Peter Sinclair

Accompanist, Lin Oushu



Clifford International School

The Moon  Music by Dave & Jean Perry, Lyrics by Robert Louis Stevenson

The Ghost Ship   Words and Music by Besig/Price

Director, Deanne Webb

Accompanist, Catherine  Feng



Utahloy International School

Lanterns   Words and Music by Birds of Tokyo

Roar   Words and Music by Katy Perry



American International School of Guangzhou

Amazing Grace/Pachelbel Canon    Arranged  by Jean Shafferman

A Festive Alleluia  Words and Music by Mary Ann Lightfoot

Ching A Ring Chaw   Arranged  by Linda Spevacek

Director, Shirley Dever

Accompanist, Jill Fidge



 Music Therapy and Autistic Children


 Rosaline Yan from GIVES



SingUp! Combined Choir

Go The Distance Words and Music by Menken/Zippel   Arranged  by Lojeski

Directed by Peter Sinclair


Its In My Desk     Words and Music by Mary Ann Lightfoot

Directed by Deanne Webb



Moving On  Words and Music by Suzy Davies

Directed by Madeleine Dutoit


Ride the Sweet Chariot  Arranged  by Sally Albrecht

Directed by Shirley Dever



The Elementary Choir from the American International  School of Guangzhou is a group  of highly talented and  dedicated fourth  and fifth grade  students. Rehearsals are held once  a week  as part  of our after  school program. Students  are also expected  to practice  outside school  hours.  The choir performs  frequently  around  the  city and  for school functions.  Our accompanist, Ms. Jill Fidge, is an integral part of the  choir. The director,  Ms. Dever, is celebrating  her eleventh  year at AISG. We are excited and happy to welcome everyone to our beautiful campus for the concert this evening.




The first choir at the British School of Guangzhou (BSG) was formed in late 2007 under the direction of Mr. Sinclair, a music teacher  at the school. With the ongoing  development and expansion of the school and with the increase in pupil numbers  that  followed, the choir has expanded to over one hundred and fifty members  today. There are currently three choirs at the British School of Guangzhou. The Lower Primary Choir (Beginner Voices) the Upper Primary Choir (Junior Voic- es) and the Secondary Choir (Senior Voices). The Upper Primary Choir will be performing  for you tonight, and includes pupils from Primary Years Four, Five and Six. All BSG choirs perform regularly at venues in and around  the city including the Garden Hotel, Tai Koo Hui, Guang- zhou Cathedral,  and the British Day organised  by the British Chamber of Commerce.  Choir rehearsals take place once a week as an after school activity and membership  is entirely voluntary.


The Clifford School Elementary Choir is composed of a talented and en- thusiastic group of students from grades 3 5.  This is the first year the choir has included students from grade  three,  and the students rehearse twice a week at lunch.  Earlier this year we performed at the Guangzhou Stone Cathedral  and the ISMAG Holiday concert at the Crowne Plaza ho- tel. The choir will be accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Catherine  Feng. The choir director, Ms. Deanne Webb, is from Winnipeg, Canada.



The Utahloy International  School Primary Choir is an enthusiastic and talented group of 7 to 12 year old boys and girls who hail from more than  ten nationalities.  The Choir Director, Utahloys Primary School Music teacher  Ms. Madeleine du Toit is from South Africa and started  the choir in 2011 with the help and support  of Mrs. Elena Rusina, the choir accompanist. Since then  the choir has performed regularly and with great success in Guangzhou and has enjoyed singing with their ISMAG choir friends!

ISMAG is a proud supporter of music therapy for autistic children in conjunction with





Simply put, music therapy is the use of various forms of music activities, including listening, singing, playing, and rhythm to stimulate and relax the body for the purpose  of improving health.

Music therapy provides a unique experience for children and youth with autism, and is particularly valuable and motivational when provided by

a certified and skilled music therapist.  The versatility of music allows for individualization of therapy in terms of the presenting behaviors, interests and abilities, and the materials at hand.


GIVES and ISMAG can serve together by:

•       Promoting awareness in the community by providing joint con- certs and activities for people in the community.

•       Providing music therapy facilities for autism rehabilitation  centers

•       Providing training support  to teachers  and students at autism rehabilitation  centers

•       Developing youth choirs in rural communities.

•       Conducting evaluative studies to provide objective evidence of the results of music therapy


GIVES requires donations and support  to:

•       sponsor new centers  equipped with music therapy facilities

•       sponsor two trainers in further education in music therapy

•       call for international specialists in music therapy to provide train- ing on an annual basis

•       call for international volunteers in this area to come to serve for at least three months

•       support  research and development in music therapy


For more information  on how you can help contact  GIVES at



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