Get Involved

Making a difference with GIVES is as easy as 1-2-3. Going through these three easy steps can help you to get involved quickly and efficiently.

Before you volunteer with GIVES you should know who you're getting involved with. Learn about GIVES' history and leadership, and read about the types of volunteers in GIVES Volunteers.

Nobody sends their resume to a company and then asks them what they can do. In the same way, GIVES volunteers should know what their strengths are and what kind of work they'd like to be involved in. Think about whether you'd rather work in the field as a project manager/volunteer or if you'd rather help make it all happen through administrative support. Do you have computer skills, language skills, volunteer experience, or work experience? You may even have a novel idea for a new project GIVES can work on or job that needs to be done. The sections Volunteers and Projects may give you some ideas about areas that you can get involved in.

Once you've read up on GIVES and planned out how you'd like to get involved, fill out our Volunteer Application Form and send it back to our volunteer coordinator. The Volunteer Application Form is meant to help us get to know something about your special abilities and experience and to begin the dialogue on how you can fit into GIVES. Feel free to send any other questions or ideas you have with your application form. We always try to respond as soon as possible but please be understanding of vacation schedules, family needs, and work constraints that may delay our response.

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