Future plans for research and development
Future plans for research and development
Objective evidence of the results of music therapy would be of value to music therapists as well as to those making decisions regarding interventions and treatment for individuals with autism. It is suggested that evaluative studies be conducted, to include: defining and operationalizing target behaviors related to music intervention with subsequent measurement of the behavioral effects. While it is difficult to identify a control group, a control partner might be identified who would be engaged in another therapy for the same time period, or the individual might serve as his/her own control. In the future,such studies might be possible.
·         Promoting awareness in the community by providing joint concerts and activities for people in the community
·         Providing music therapy facilities for autism rehabilitation centers
·         Providing training support to teachers and students at autism rehabilitation centers
·         Developing youth choirs in rural communities
·         Conducting evaluative studies to provide objective evidence of the results of music therapy

·         sponsor new centers equipped with music therapy facilities
·         sponsor two trainers in further education in music therapy
·         call for international specialists in music therapy to provide training on an annual basis
·         call for international volunteers in this area to come to serve for at least three months
·         support research and development in music therapy


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