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GIVES believes in extending educational opportunities to individuals who are motivated learners but do not have the resources to pursue further education.      


GIVES Committee selects and approves applicants on a yearly basis with the following criteria:


1.   Proven track record in a chosen field.

2.   Motivated and students of good standing.

3.   Commitment to serve the community with the acquired knowledge and skills.

4.   Submission of completed application.



Case 1.

A young graduate Lin Song Mi who benefited from education sponsorship by GIVES said: “This unique opportunity has really changed my life”. She is the daughter of handicapped parents, a blind mother and a handicapped father.  After undertaking university education in Chao Zhou, she returned to her home town in De Qing this year to be a music teacher.  She is committed to spreading the spirit of friendship and support which GIVES has always encouraged their sponsored individuals to embody in society.



Case 2.

Name: Chen, Male

Current position: piano Tuner;  teacher for special needs in Tai Yang Chuan Autism Center

Education Background: Bachelor of Piano Tuner of Chang Chun University


Born with Congenital cataracts in a poor rural family in Wuhua, Meizhou, Guangdong Province

Was interested in music and Musical Instruments since primary school

Went for Massage study in Peiying School in 2000 and was found good at music field

Encouraged to take entrance examination of Chang Chun University by a friend of GIVES

Admitted by Chang Chun University, Chen applied for GIVES Education sponsorship for tuition fee

After graduation, Chen found it really difficult to get a job in Guangzhou. Then he was suggested to learn more on music therapy, and after that, he was recommended to teach in Tai yang Chuan Autism Center also sponsored to build up by GIVES.

GIVES really change the track of Chen’s life by sponsoring his education and provide a right position in his career. Now he is a good teacher who can help other special needs children.



Case 3

Name:  He, Male

Current position: Communication Engineer of Guangdong Hua Xun Engineering Co., Ltd.

Education Background: Bachelor of Communication Engineering, Guangzhou Institute of Technology


Born in a common rural family, parents are both famers, an elder sister

His father died of liver cancer (hepatic carcinoma) in summer 2002.

The family carries debts from his father’s illness and has to pay the tuition fees for him and his sister, while the mother was the only worker.

Fortunately, he got GIVES Education Sponsorship since September, 2010 for 3 years, totally RMB22,500 till he graduated.

He is now working as a communication engineer in Guangdong Hua Xun Engineer Co., Ltd, providing 4G internet service. He said GIVES was really helpful in his life and has taught him to help others.



Case 4

Name:  Zhang, Female

Current position: Study in Guangdong Christian Seminary

Education Background: College student


Was introduced by a Christian friend of GIVES and applied for high school tuition fee.

After graduated from high school, she continued her education in college and finally into Guangdong Christian Seminary.

She is really thankful that GIVES really helped in the most difficult times during her life, which is also very helpful to her family.



Case 5

Name: Zhang, male

Current position: work for a company in Zhu Hai City

Education Background: Bachelor of Guangzhou University


Born in poor rural family, parents both earns little money in Church

He was fortunate to sponsored by GIVES for his high school and university tuition fees.

After graduated from university, he had worked in Shenzhen for 4 years before went back to Zhu Hai City.

He feels grateful that GIVES helped a lot in his education, both in School and afterwards. He thinks he also learns to help others from GIVES.


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