GIVES,  the  Guangdong  International  Volunteer  Expatriate  Service,  was formed in 1995.It is a community service platform representing the friendship and support of many expatriates from different countries who are living and working  in  Guangdong.  GIVES  stands  in  the  spirit  of Interaction,  Insight, inspiration and Integrity.




GIVES  encourages  and  coordinates  the  resources  of  the  different groups within the international community, including international schools, chambers, consulates, women’s groups, christian groups, enterprises and individuals to interact, to join hands, to impact and to enhance the lives of each other 


GIVES启动、组织国际社区不同群体的资源,包括国际学校、商会、领事馆、妇女团体、基督教团体、企业、个人  与外籍人士,以互动、携手合作为基础,来带动和提升彼此的生活。


The major areas of our involvement in community service include education sponsorship,  medical  support, rehabilitation work, orphanage support, and homes for the elderly. GIVES is involved with in dividual’s lives as well as developing long term projects in conjunction with the Guangdong/Guangzhou government agenciesand professional institutions.


通过广东省/广州市政府机构和专业机构的支持与合作 ,我们参与的主要工作领域包括:教育、医疗、康复、福利院、养老院, 个体案例生活赞助以及开发和支持长期项目。


Recent long term projects focus on:



[a]  The support and relief of Autism in China in conjunction with the Guangdong and Guangzhou Handicapped Federations, Guangdong Association Of Rehabilitation For People With Disability,the Sun Yat-Sen University Public Health School,  Autism Hong Kong and other international and local specialists.




[b] The establishment of an Orthopedic Shoes Workshop with the support of the Hong  Kong Polytechnic  University ,  Faculty  of  Engineering,   the  Interdisciplinary  Division  of  Biomedical  Engineering,  [Prosthetics  and Orthotics], Hong  Kong  Society  of  Certified  Prosthetist-Orthotists, the Guangzhou  Haizhu  District  Haitong  Rehabilitation Service  Center and  other international and local specialists.




[c] Initiating  a  volunteers  program  ‘Calling  for  International  Volunteers Worldwide’ to come to China to serve for a period of minimum two months in the  specific  areas  of  needs.   They  would  include  doctors,  nurses, physiotherapists, counsellors, trainers. 




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